It’s hard to wait 24 hours, but it’s oh-so-worth-it.

Not everyone is a morning person.

Unfortunately for those people, I am comically attuned to the dawn, while 9 PM might as well be temporal kryptonite. “Why should that affect other people?” you might be rightfully wondering.

I am frightfully forgetful of the fact that I am an early riser…

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, I spend exactly two seconds photographing my bakes (when I even remember to), hence my not noticing at the time how absolutely massive that knife is compared to my wee coconut snacking cake. I promise, the recipe is much more Martha than Dexter.

I love a good themed bake.

Like wine pairing, there’s something so sophisticated-feeling about choosing a dessert that compliments your dinner. …

Helen Grace

Pursuing the simple joys of butter, flour, and eggs, 52 weeks a year.

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